Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Morning Soundtrack.

This morning's soundtrack -- My Morning Jacket, Z.

If I was a real "blogger" I would know how to post an MP3 or something. Unfortunately, I'm not, so you'll just have to go out and get the goddamn CD like everyone else.

Anyhow, this is a brilliant commute soundtrack, full of fabulous soaring anthems with just enough bizarre lyrical mentions to avoid the cheese factor. Gideon? Perfect for striding through tunnels and emerging into the sunlight, surrounded by crowds, imaginging that somehow, you are the one being singled out for the camera, expression intense behind your shades, people around you taking no notice as you belt out the chorus -- well, that would be if you were actually in a music video, not imagining you are in one.

In my case, the couple on the train did notice as I suddenly belted out the chorus.

And then quickly brought my coffee to my lips, like, um, I MEANT TO DO THAT. Then they started laughing uncontrollably. Luckily, my sound-isolating earphones prevented me from actually hearing their snickers.

Then My Morning Jacket launched into "off the record," which made me feel better, and I got off the train. There may be some irony here in the fact that I actually just put it ON the record, but, whatever.

Then, as I walked into the office, they whispered in my ear:
a kitten on fire, a baby in a blender, both sound as sweet as a night of surrender

Right. That encapsulates the surrealist environment I work in -- celebutante and boyfriend being followed around by VH-1 cameras, squealing, screaming PR girls contrasting severely by the studious, serious, spreadsheet-loving research counterparts all housed together in one open-plan office, forever on the verge of a passive-agressive civil war. Then MMJ said, "I know it ain't easy, but you do what you can."

Agreed. Let's get to work.

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